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Full-Stage Scrim Process

Full-Stage Scrim Process

Stretched shark tooth scrim landscape backdrop.

Floor Pattern & Planking Process

Floor Pattern & Planking Process

OSB & luan plank washes.


Dancing at Lughnasa

(August 2016)

Abbey Theater 

(Dublin, OH)


Sheila Daniels


Scenic Design:

L.B. Morse


Lighting Design:

Robert J. Aguilar 

Costume Design:

Mealanie Taylor Burgess



Daniel Winters

A classic Irish play set in the pulsating energy of a Celtic harvest festival, the design for this set explored dream & memory through a painterly wash of color and texture. A tinted OSB board exterior ramp and lauan planked interior/audience walkway were dusted with a layer of whitewash patina (and flour, for those familiar with the play). The backdrop is a transparent backlit sharkstooth scrim painted with an expressionist interpretation of the rolling hills of provincial Ireland.

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