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The Government Inspector

(March 2018)

Baker Theater 

(Athens, OH)


Dennis Delaney


Scenic Design:

Rebecca McDowell


Lighting Design:

Bentley Heydt

Costume Design:

Bianca Binneman



Daniel R. Winters

Bentley Heydt

A door-slamming farce set here in a fantasy world of 1970s-meets-Imperial-Russia-meets-Bonnaroo-Gypsy-Camp, Government Inspector explores the exploits & corruption of a small-town mayor. The skeletal set references grand Slavic architectural and provincial gingerbread detail work, but is finished to look as though the paint has peeled and the estate left in neglect. Contrasted with full gold leafed furniture, the decayed finish was meant to highlight the artifice of a corrupt government.

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