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(January 2017)

Annapurna Pre-Show

Annapurna Pre-Show

Annapurna Full Light

Annapurna Full Light

Annapurna Stage Right

Annapurna Stage Right

Haane Theater

(Athens, OH)


Shelley Delaney


Scenic Design:

Vince Salpietro


Lighting Design:

Colin Cardille

Costume Design:

Kelly Blake

Nick Lynch-Voris



Danielle Young

Madeline Grube

Melissa Cordy

Playwright Sharr White sets the tone for the world of Annapurna through his expository stage direction: "It is equally important that the sausage patties, with earnest advance apologies to vegetarians, be actually frying at the top of the play."

This intimate, kitchen-sink realism featured a set as real as they come. Four practical light sources, a working mini fridge, table fan, two running faucets, and a remote-controlled hotplate were built into the design and used at the actors' whim. 

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