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Sand Process

Sand Process

Detachable rolling sand dunes: fitted & carved bead foam, elastomeric, and cork.

Stucco Wall Units

Stucco Wall Units

Stucco & joint compound "plaster" texture with color & dirt washes.



(August 2017)

Santa Fe Opera:

Crosby Theatre

(Santa Fe, NM)


David Alden


Scenic & Costume Design:

Gideon Davey

Lighting Design:

Malcolm Rippeth


Alex Connor

Charge Artist:

Mark Edlund

Working as Scenic Art Apprentice for the Santa Fe Opera, this production of Alcina included 2 sets of 20ft. curved walls, fully stucco'd with distressed plaster surface finishing. At the base of the walls were  custom-carved "sand dunes," fit to roll with the wall units during act transitions, as well as detach for storage between shows. The dune units are carved from bead & expanding foam, then coated in elastomeric and finished with painted 1/4" cork.

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